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Christian Leaders Endorse “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young

We have shared our concerns in the past on the book, Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young.  If you haven't read that article, you are welcome to do so here. However, we have not realized how many mainstream Christian leaders are endorsing this book.  Just in the past two weeks, we found out that David Jeremiah has joined this camp.   Emergent Watch website had an article with this information.  Dr. David Jeremiah is a popular pastor/ teacher, and has had a daily program on Calvary Chapel affiliated ‘His Channel’ for some years. However, he has had numerous problems with bad … [Read More...] about Christian Leaders Endorse “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young

YWAM Is Training Their Youth in Contemplative Prayer

  YWAM is the acronym for Youth With a Mission - a mission organization that trains and sends out youth on mission trips. They have been accepting of contemplative practices in the past, but only recently came out and directly encouraged their trainees to practice contemplative prayer.     What is the danger in any Christian, including missionaries, using contemplative prayer?   As Ray Yungen, who researched the contemplative prayer movement for over twenty years, often stated, when one begins practicing this mystical form of prayer, one’s views on the Cross, … [Read More...] about YWAM Is Training Their Youth in Contemplative Prayer

Divorce and Remarriage: Is It Biblical?

  It is true that the hard teachings of the New Testament will not be popular with the masses.  And you can see from contemporary Christian churches today that they have given in to the world's idea of divorce and remarriage.  Standing faithful is no longer necessary. But it does not have to stay that way in our churches.  This topic is one that is best taught before the situation arises, rather than trying to repair homes when divorce and remarriage hit them.  We need to teach them now to prevent homes from falling apart later. Divorce and remarriage has probably touched all of … [Read More...] about Divorce and Remarriage: Is It Biblical?

The Christian Woman’s Head Veiling

Editor's note:  This is a post we published years ago on my wife's personal blog.  And we simply wanted to republish it here at Truth in Word.  Thank you!   Growing up a Brethren girl and marrying a Mennonite, I've had many opportunities to answer this question:  why do you wear that thing on your head? Here I will try to answer that question as pertaining not only to me, but to Plain folks in general.  And I'd also like to acknowledge those of you who have not grown up with the heritage some of us have, yet have come to this same conclusion through the teaching … [Read More...] about The Christian Woman’s Head Veiling

On Giving Up The Small Things

  We have been reading and researching some on the early Christians.  These giants of the faith who lived in the first few hundred years after Christ. And it both humbles and shames us. If they would come and sit in our churches now, what would they say about us?  Would they acknowledge that we are following the Way as it is taught in the Scriptures?  Would they look on us as soft and cowardly - when we shudder to speak the unpopular truth, let alone die for it?  Would it make them sad to see the things we pursue to advance ourselves or to grow our bank accounts?  Would they … [Read More...] about On Giving Up The Small Things

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