Silent Grief:  Hope for Surviving Early Miscarriage

Silent Grief: Hope for Surviving Early Miscarriage

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There was no heartbeat.  No flicker on the screen.

How is a woman supposed to deal with the death of her baby that only weighed an ounce or less?  Nothing prepares us for death in the early weeks of life within the womb.

Is there a way to make it through the heartbreak that losing a tiny being can invoke? Silent Grief is my own experience at dealing with four miscarriages and the truths that gave me the freedom to grieve my precious babies.

You will also find practical advice in threatening miscarriages, and the story of faith in the God who walked down this journey with me. Inside its covers, you will read of real-life accounts from other women who contributed their stories of early miscarriages, as well as a section of helpful tips for those looking on.

Most of all . . . you will find permission to grieve.

"From the moment God breathed life into your baby, He also gave you the right to mourn the death of that same baby."

~ Kendra

  • 128 page paperback
  • ISBN:  978-0996365604

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